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Travis Scott Fortnite Account

Travis Scott Fortnite Account

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With the purchase of this product, you will receive the following:

Account Inclusion: Upon purchasing this product, you may acquire an account featuring the Travis Scott.

Potential for Legendary Skins: The account has the possibility of containing legendary skins.

Random Level and Wins: The account will have varying levels and wins.

Random Pickaxe Skins: Random pickaxe skins may also be included.

Delivery Time: Depends Most of the Time is Instant Delivery, but it varies if we are on stock. If not it usually takes 24-72 hours.

Full Access (FA): This account comes with full access, which means:

You have the option to change the account's email address to your own.
You can modify the account password to one of your choosing.

Important Note: We do not provide refunds in the event that you are dissatisfied with or choose not to use the account.
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